Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Tender eyes see only a light
Tender ears hear only crying
Tender hands feel the soft blanket
Tender lips let out a wail
Tender nostrils smell the milk
On the baby’s cot are three soft toys
And carved on the headboard are five words
A god has been born

Infantile eyes see only the words
Infantile ears hear only pouring rain
Infantile hands feel the round pencil
Infantile lips form the word rain
Infantile nostrils smell the dinner cooking
On the table there are three plates
And inscribed at the top of the book are five words
Even a god must learn

Restless eyes see only a test
Restless ears hear only writing
Restless hands feel the crumpled blotting paper
Restless lips let out a groan
Restless nostrils smell the ink
On the test there three questions
And scrawled on the test are five words
A god can’t do this

Adolescent eyes see only the crowd
Adolescent ears hear only murmuring people
Adolescent hands feel the brass plaque
Adolescent lips taste the hot coffee
Adolescent nostrils smell the fragrant smoke
On the plaque there are three crowns
And embossed on the plaque there were five words
Even a god must grow

Kindly eyes see only a smile
Kindly ears hear only laughter
Kindly hands feel the fire’s warmth
Kindly lips release words of encouragement
Kindly nostrils smell the baking
On the ground there are three logs
And scratched in the dirt are five words
A god is pure hope

Mature eyes see only poverty
Mature ears hear only grief
Mature hands feel the dirty rags
Mature lips breathe the industrial smog
Mature nostrils smell the grime in the air
On the side of a building are three signs
And on one of those signs are five words   
Even a god is hated

Wrinkled eyes see only the memories
Wrinkled ears hear only old friends
Wrinkled hands feel the cool water
Wrinkled lips sip the tea
Wrinkled nostrils smell forgotten scents
On the mantlepiece there are three photos
And the five words from his memories are embeded in his head
A god can grow old

Ancient eyes see only the dark
Ancient ears hear only funeral bells
Ancient hands feel the soft velvet
Ancient lips part and inhale the stale air
Ancient nostrils smell the damp dirt
On the old mans grave are three white tulips
And engraved on the headstone are five words
Even a god must die.
By James Winter

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